Girlfriend of renowned 73-year-old Hong Kong film director Tsui Hark rumoured to be pregnant


    16th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Renowned Hong Kong film director Tsui Hark, 73, has been spotted taking a romantic stroll with his girlfriend Lok Lok who is 30 years younger than him in recent days, according to mainland Chinese media. In photos circulating online, the couple can be seen walking hand in hand and appearing very affectionate. Some eagle-eyed netizens have also noticed a slight bump on Lok Lok’s belly, leading to speculation that she may be pregnant. The news has quickly spread on Chinese social media, with many discussing the possible pregnancy. Tsui, whose prolific career spans several decades, is regarded as one of the masters of Asian cinematography and has directed numerous critically acclaimed films including the Once Upon a Time in China series and The Blade.

    Tsui Hark has had two previous marriages, with the first ending after two years and the second with prominent film producer Nansun Shi, who was well-known in the entertainment industry as his wife. The couple was regarded as a model couple, with Tsui showcasing his talent while Shi was responsible for investment and distribution. The two were in love for many years and followed the child-free philosophy, which was well-known among the public. Therefore, when rumours emerged that Tsui may have a child with his girlfriend who is 30 years younger than him, there was a strong public reaction.

    During their relationship, Shi devoted her youth to Tsui and missed the most important period for women to conceive. She was two years younger than Tsui, and they got married after 18 years of being in love. They were together for a total of 36 years, and they announced their divorce when they were in their 60s in 2014. By then, Shi had already missed her chance to conceive.

    When asked about Tsui’s rumoured fatherhood, Tsui’s friend and fellow film director, Sammo Hung, denied any knowledge of it. Hung congratulated Tsui if the rumours were true and noted that Tsui appeared to be happy during their recent meal together, but did not mention anything about the alleged pregnancy.