5-year-old girl who fails to undergo liver transplantation passes away after 5 years of struggle


30th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) Yu Yan, a 5-year-old girl who suffered from congenital bile duct occlusion, was previously unable to undergo liver transplantation due to hepatic portal vein embolism, and was excluded from the liver transplant list. She was also sent to the paediatric intensive care unit due to low heartbeat and blood pressure.

Yu Yan’s liver continued to deteriorate over the past month, and her coagulation function was poor. Last week, her lips bled and she had to receive stitches to her lips. She developed high fever for several days and finally lost her liver function completely. She had severe ascites which resulted in pressure against other internal organs. She also developed bleedings in her stomach.

Her parents subsequently posted the sad news on Facebook today (30th), saying that after more than 5 years of struggle, Yu Yan finally passed away.

After undergoing liver and intestine surgery on 8th December, 2017, baby girl Yu Yuan was not sent to the paediatric intensive care unit for observation. While she was in the general ward, her heart suddenly stopped beating. The blood oxygen machine had no data. The nurse changed the machine twice and thought it malfunctioned. Her brain was severely damaged after rescue was delayed for 10 minutes.