Gillian Chung, the Hong Kong actress who injured her forehead shows her new scar on Weibo today


    24th September 2020- (Hong Kong) Gillian Chung, the Hong Kong actress and singer went to Xiamen for filming. She suffered a serious forehead injury and was sent to the hospital due to an accident in a hotel room on 7th September. It is known that Gillian was filming a mainland drama, and she was injured not during work.

    The spokesperson from Emperor Entertainment said that she had a dozen of stitches on her forehead. At 2am in the morning on the 7th, Gillian got up to go to the bathroom. Suddenly she felt dizzy and then fell. Her head hit the edge of the marble surface and injured her forehead near her right eyebrow. After being injured, Gillian immediately called a colleague for help. When the colleague arrived at Gillian’s room, she immediately sent her to the hospital and notified Mani and Joey Yung who were in Beijing. After arriving at the hospital, she had a brain scan and other head examinations, but because the wound was 6cm long, stitches were needed.

    She posted several pictures of her visible scar on her Weibo account today after recovery.