Giant python spotted devouring a cat in Tung Chung


2nd June 2023 – (Hong Kong) A giant python was spotted devouring a small animal in Tung Chung, earlier this morning. At 5.16am on 1st June, law enforcement officers received a report of a four-meter-long python in the bushes by Yu Tai Court. When they arrived at the scene, they cordoned off the area and notified snake experts to capture the python. A snake catcher subsequently arrived and successfully captured the reptile.

This morning, on 2nd June, a netizen uploaded a photo to social media showing a large python devouring a black-and-white cat near Yu Tai Court. The snake had coiled around the prey tightly, and netizens estimate that it is the same python that was seen near the area on May 19th.

On 19th May, at around 6 pm, a member of the public passing by Ma Wan Sun Tsuen saw a four-meter-long python in the bushes, preying on an animal. The snake disappeared into the bushes before the snake expert arrived.