Getting the most out of your Disney Plus account in 2021

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13th January 2021 – (Hong Kong) Disney Plus made its breakthrough into the world of video content streaming in November 2019 and garnered almost 29 million U.S. subscribers within two months of its launch date. It remains one of the most popular streaming services in the world, but many subscribers are unaware of the various ways in which they can enhance their Disney Plus experience. We’ve put together five of the best tips and tricks to help you do just that.

Get an Account in Your Region

Even if the service isn’t available in Hong Kong yet, you can still register an account with a VPN and get access to all content. Using a VPN to stream Disney Plus content is simple – just choose a server located in the country where the service is available. For example, if you connect to a UK VPN server, you will appear to be using the service from the UK. You will be able to stream all content available to UK audiences.

Search and Explore

While it’s easy enough to get lost browsing the sea of content on the home screen, understand that the shows and movies you see there is just the tip of the iceberg. This is where the platform features its new releases and content that the platform’s algorithms have decided you want to see based on your viewing history. You can find new and interesting things to watch by using the Explore feature to search. Just click the magnifying glass and type in a specific title or browse collections. 

Make a Watchlist

As it goes with any online streaming service, it’s common to see something you want to watch one day only to find it has disappeared into the sea of new suggestions the next and you can’t remember for the life of you what it was called. That’s why the watchlist feature is so important.

Every time you see a show or movie that you think you might want to watch at a later date, you can simply save it to your watchlist so that you don’t have to rely on your memory to recall it if it gets lost. To start building a watchlist, just look for the plus icon next to the play button under the title and click that to save it. 

Download Movies and Shows to Watch on the Go

Whether you’re planning to travel somewhere where you know there won’t be access to Wi-Fi or you just want to be prepared in case you find yourself in such a situation, it’s a good idea to use the download content feature on Disney Plus. As long as you access the service at least once a month, you can download an unlimited amount of titles and watch them offline whenever you want.

To download a show or movie, just look for the downward arrow icon and click it. You can find all your downloaded titles by opening the toolbar at the bottom of the app’s menu and clicking on the same downward arrow icon. 

Request Movies and Shows

While the Disney Plus backlog of content is pretty huge, there are still a lot of titles and shows that they don’t have available. If you don’t see something you really wanted to watch, you can request up to three titles at a time by opening the help centre, clicking on give feedback under the search bar, and then selecting a film or show. does not endorse or evaluate the advertised products, services or companies nor any of the claims made by the promoters of these products/services in this content. Advertisers making claims are expected to have research data that substantiates these claims and the research or citation is to be made available on the vendor’s website or, where proprietary interests exist, be made available upon request.