Getinge Group issues public apology over surgical light incident at United Christian Hospital

Source: Getinge Group

6th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Getinge Group Hong Kong, a maintenance contractor responsible for a surgical light mishap at United Christian Hospital (UCH) earlier this year, has publicly apologised for the incident in a newspaper statement published on Wednesday.

This public apology follows a statement from the Hospital Authority (HA) on Tuesday, which stated that the contractor had failed to meet the contract’s standards. This lapse, according to the HA, led to the incident that significantly impacted hospital safety.

Since the incident in February, the HA has barred Getinge Group from participating in any tendering and quotation exercises involving ceiling-mounted medical equipment. The HA has declared its intention to extend the ban for another year, lasting until September next year. In addition to making a public apology, Getinge Group is expected to compensate the HA for all losses and expenses incurred due to the incident.

In their published apology, Getinge Group extended their sincere apologies to the Hospital Authority, acknowledging the inconvenience caused by the incident. The contractor solemnly apologised for the event and committed to strengthening its cooperation with the HA in the future. This commitment, they stated, would be aimed towards improving safety and service quality.

Getinge Group publicly apologised for the incident in a newspaper statement published on Wednesday