GEEL MEDICAL beauty clinic in Mong Kok continues operations today despite infection incident

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6th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH) announced an ongoing investigation into a case involving a 24-year-old woman who allegedly contracted a Mycobacterium abscessus infection after receiving injections at “GEEL MEDICAL” in Mong Kok. The clinic, located on the 13th floor of Gala Place on Dundas Street, claimed that the injections could stimulate collagen production. The woman subsequently experienced a rash and abscess at the injection sites. Laboratory tests confirmed the presence of the infection, prompting the CHP to conduct investigations at the premises and collect samples for further analysis.

Despite the ongoing investigation, “GEEL MEDICAL” continues to operate normally. On the day of the incident, a reporter observed that the clinic was open for business. While no appointments were scheduled for the day, a few customers requested refunds following the public disclosure of the incident by the CHP.

The clinic staff maintained that as long as a registered doctor is present, the clinic will continue its operations. They disagreed with the CHP’s suggestion that the infection may have been caused by lapses in infection control procedures, asserting that they had demonstrated the proper treatment protocols to the authorities. The staff also emphasised that the clinic had been operational for approximately two years without any similar incidents. They stated that they had closely monitored the patient’s situation, following up on her condition and adhering to all necessary procedures. However, the clinic claimed that they had been unable to reach the patient despite attempting to contact her in the past two weeks, and they declined to disclose any information regarding compensation.

Dr. Kingsley Chan, a dermatologist, commented on the case, stating that infections caused by Mycobacterium abscessus after beauty injections are not common and that this incident is likely an isolated occurrence. He reassured the public that there is no need for undue concern. However, he cautioned that several factors could contribute to infections, such as contamination of the injectables during manufacturing, insufficient disinfection of the skin prior to the treatment, or contamination of the injection equipment. Dr. Chan advised individuals who experience discomfort, such as redness, swelling, or pain after beauty injections to seek medical attention promptly. In most cases, early-stage bacterial infections are easily treatable with appropriate medication, leading to a quick recovery. However, severe cases may require antibiotic injections and can potentially result in scarring or even life-threatening