Gasoline prices in Slovenia reach record high


Xinhua News

21st June 2022 – (Ljubljana) Gasoline prices in Slovenia jumped to record high Tuesday after the government’s May decree to cap retail prices expired on Monday.

On Tuesday, the price for 95-octane petrol on highways reached 1.94 euros per liter, up from the previous record of 1.78 euros on 10th May. The price of diesel reached 2.28 euros per liter, up from the previous record of 1.92 euros on 10th May.

In response, the government decided on Tuesday to cap the prices outside highways to 1.755 euros per liter of 95-octane petrol and 1.848 euros per liter of diesel, while fuel prices on highways are determined by gasoline traders.

Curbing the rising fuel prices is one of the hardest immediate tasks of the center-left government led by Prime Minister Robert Golob who took office earlier this month.

Rising fuel prices pushed Slovenia’s year-on-year inflation to 8.7 percent in May, the highest in over 20 years.