Gale or Storm Signal, No. 8 to remain in force before noon, classes and other govt services suspended, 15 reports of fallen trees received as at 6am


13th October 2021 – (Hong Kong)   The Gale or Storm Signal No. 8 is now in effect, indicating that there is northeast wind in Hong Kong with an average wind speed of 63 kilometres per hour or above. Severe tropical storm Kompasu has intensified into a typhoon. Rainbands associated with Kompasu continue to affect the coast of Guangdong. Gales are prevailing over parts of the territory. As local winds will turn to the east gradually in the morning, places which have been sheltered before will become more exposed to the high winds.

The Gale or Storm Signal, No. 8 will remain in force before noon. Thunderstorm warning has been extended till 11am.

Heavy rain brought by Kompasu may lead to flooding in low-lying areas. Members of the public should continue to take precautions against flooding. Seas will be rough with swells. Members of the public should stay away from the shoreline and not engage in water sports.

In the past hour, the maximum sustained winds recorded at Ngong Ping, Waglan Island and Cheung Chau Beach were 83, 79 and 75 kilometres per hour with maximum gusts 101, 91 and 119 kilometres per hour respectively.

As the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal no. 8 is now in force, classes of all day schools are suspended today.

The Home Affairs Department has so far opened 24 temporary shelters in various districts and 218 people have sought refuge at the shelters. As at 6am today, the 1823 Government Call Centre has received 15 reports of fallen trees. The Drainage Services Department has received seven confirmed flooding cases. No reports of landslide have been received so far.

According to the Hospital Authority, as at 6.45am today, six people (four men and two women) have been injured during the typhoon period and received medical treatment at the Accident and Emergency Department of public hospitals. Among them, one man has died.

The Government announced today that as the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 is now in force, all Community Vaccination Centres (CVCs) under the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme and Hospital COVID-19 Vaccination Stations (HCVSs) will remain closed. The CVCs will open and resume vaccination service three hours after the cancellation of the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 and they will operate until the normal closing time. The HCVSs will resume operation one hour after the specialist out-patient clinics of hospitals resume service.
For persons with a booking affected by the closure of the CVCs, their booking will be rescheduled to a later date and they will be informed of their new appointment date and time by SMS notification. If their booking is for the second vaccination dose and the CVCs resume vaccination service later today, they may go to the CVC they selected in their original booking during the remaining opening hours for vaccination today.

  The Department of Health (DH) announced that, as the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 is now in force, the collection points of deep throat saliva samples for COVID-19 testing set up in ten designated chest clinics or dermatological clinics under the DH will be suspended.

The Hospital Authority announces that its general out-patient clinics, specialist clinics including physiotherapy and occupational therapy, geriatric day hospitals and psychiatric day hospitals will be closed as Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 is still in force. Out-patients are advised to make a new appointment after the cancellation of the Warning Signal No. 8. Accident and Emergency services at hospitals will remain normal.

The Social Welfare Department announces that as Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above is now hoisted, all welfare service units of the department, all child care centres, centres providing after school care programmes, elderly services centres and day rehabilitation units including sheltered workshops, integrated vocational rehabilitation services centres, integrated vocational training centres and day activity centres will not open to the public. After the No. 8 signal is cancelled, the units will resume normal operation in two hours, if the weather and conditions permit.

 The Immigration Department announces that when Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above is in force, services at the Immigration Headquarters and all Branch Offices, Registration of Persons Offices, Births, Deaths and Marriage Registries and Smart Identity Card Replacement Centres are temporarily suspended. Those who have made an appointment for replacement of their smart identity card today may approach the SIDCC concerned on any subsequent working day for application without the need to make a new appointment.

 The Labour Department announced that as Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 is now in force, the Turning a New Page Job Fair, originally scheduled for today from 11am to 5.30pm, at the MacPherson Stadium in Mong Kok has been cancelled.

As Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above is now in force, the Hong Kong Wetland Park is closed. The Park will re-open two hours after the signal is lowered. The Park will remain closed today if the signal No. 8 or above remains hoisted at 2pm. Any person or organisation who has paid a deposit for visiting today can contact the Park’s ticket office for refund arrangements or to change the visit date.