Gaile Lok, ex-celebrity model, embraces single life after divorce in Spain

    Gaile Lok

    11th July 2024 – (Madrid) Former model, Gaile Lok, aged 43, has been relishing her single life after a series of divorces. Gaile, known for her captivating charm and enviable figure, first tied the knot with Hong Kong superstar Leon Lai in 2008, only to part ways in 2012. She then found love again in 2017, marrying food tycoon Ian Chu and welcoming their son Hunter into the world. However, their union came to an end in March last year, leading them to co-parent their beloved child.

    Since her divorce, Gaile Lok has blossomed both inside and out. The past years have witnessed her transformation as she embarked on a new path, embracing tranquility and personal growth as a spiritual guide in Bali, Indonesia.

    Recently, Gaile Lok jetted off to Spain, immersing herself in the breathtaking beauty of nature. Sporting nothing more than a simple white shirt, she confidently showcased her toned and radiant figure, reminiscent of her youthful days. Basking in the Spanish sunshine, Gaile appeared to revel in the freedom and joy that single life has afforded her.

    Sharing her delight with her followers, Gaile Lok wrote, “A bountiful journey of a Spanish farm girl. For someone who adores nature like me, the Spanish countryside is the perfect destination to explore!”