G7 urges China to pressure Russia on Ukraine conflict


19th September 2023 – (Tokyo) In a joint statement released on Tuesday (Sep 19), the Group of Seven (G7) called on China to use its influence to compel Russia to halt its aggressive actions in Ukraine. The foreign ministers of the G7 bloc convened on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, emphasizing the need for immediate, complete, and unconditional withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.

The statement, issued by Japan as the chair of the G7, coincided with the visit of China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, to Russia for a four-day trip aimed at strengthening political ties between the two nations. There are even talks of a potential visit by President Vladimir Putin to Beijing in the near future.

The G7 members also expressed their appreciation for China’s participation in the Ukraine-led meeting in Jeddah and urged China to support a just and lasting peace through direct dialogue with Ukraine.

Recent developments, such as the meeting between Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Moscow, have raised concerns among Western-aligned countries, including the United States. The talks included discussions on closer military ties, causing alarm and prompting denials from Pyongyang and Moscow regarding the possibility of North Korea supplying arms to Russia, which has already depleted significant military resources during the 18-month-long conflict.

While the G7 statement did not explicitly name any countries, it reiterated the call for third parties to cease providing any form of assistance to Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine or face severe consequences.