G-Dragon’s drug test results yield negative findings, sparks controversy over law enforcement procedures


    21st November 2023 – (Seoul) G-Dragon, the prominent leader of the K-pop sensation Big Bang, found himself in the midst of controversy after facing allegations of drug use. In response, he voluntarily underwent drug testing at a law enforcement agency on 6th November. The tests involved analyzing his hair and urine samples to determine the presence of illicit substances. Notably, the initial rapid drug test produced negative results, aligning with G-Dragon’s repeated claims of innocence.

    Following the negative results from the urine and hair tests, G-Dragon’s meticulous scrutiny extended to his fingernails and toenails, which also yielded negative findings. These comprehensive tests aimed to provide a comprehensive assessment of G-Dragon’s potential drug use. The consistent negative results further support his assertion that he is free from any drug involvement.

    However, the law enforcement agency expressed concern over the premature disclosure of the test results by the media. They argued that this untimely revelation has complicated the ongoing investigation. In contrast, the National Institute of Scientific Investigation clarified that they had already submitted the detailed test reports to the relevant authorities the previous week. This discrepancy in statements has prompted fans to question the intentions of the law enforcement agency, accusing them of intentionally delaying the public release of the report.