Full list of the anti-extradition advertisements titled ‘SAVE HONG KONG AT G20’ in multiple international newspapers


26th June 2019 – (Hong Kong) A total of HK$ 6,732,419.03 was collected as at yesterday in a crowdfunding exercise via GoGetFunding by FREEDOM HONG KONG for full page ‘SAVE HONG KONG AT G20’ or ‘STAND WITH HONG KONG AT G20’ anti-extradition bill advertisements in The Guardian and other international newspaper front pages. The first full page advertisement was published today in the New York Times (See below).

The fundraisers had to go through their legal team to ensure that the money raised did not infringe any provisions in the Anti-Money Laundering Act. As the crowdfunding platform would only release the money within 7 days from yesterday, there were good Samaritans who assisted by settling the advertisement expenses in advance.

Below is the full list of the advertisements scheduled for 25th and 26th June.

CONFIRMED Placements:

?? UK: The Guardian | 27.06.19
?? Germany: Süddeutsche Zeitung | 27.06.19
?? EU: POLITICO Europe, Online version | 27.06.19
?? Canada: The Globe and Mail | 27.06.19
?? USA: The New York Times | 28.06.19

The Japan Times 28.06.19

Seoul Daily 28.06.19

Süddeutsche Zeitung
The Guardian
The Globe and Mail
The New York Times. Picture credit : Donald Chan

Seoul Daily
Advertisement in New York Post.

Dear New York Times Readers,

We are a group of concerned citizens who have been among the two million protesters marching on the streets of Hong Kong. This is our sincere plea for your help to defend our sovereignty and freedoms. Here is why you should care.

In 2019, the Hong Kong SAR Government proposed a bill that would allow the extradition of alleged “fugitives” from Hong Kong to China, a country that is notorious for its disrespect for the rule of law. The judicial system in China has a conviction rate of 99.9%, and prisoners are known to have suffered from severe violations of human rights.

Bankers, businessmen, tourists, and even ordinary Hongkongers could be arrested and sent to China for trials of alleged crimes and fabricated accusations. Hong Kong will cease to be a free economic zone, which has long served the world’s most prominent businesses.

This is why two million of us took to the streets. We were unarmed. We had only helmets, umbrellas and plastic wrap. In return, the police suppressed us by unleashing 150 tear gas canisters shot in close range, aiming batons at our heads, and firing rubber bullets and bean bag rounds. Numerous peaceful protesters were unjustifiably arrested, interrogated, and stigmatized as “rioters”.

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam has announced a suspension of the Extradition Bill which is NOT equivalent to withdrawal. We urge our government to agree to our three demands:

1. To completely withdraw the Extradition Bill.
2. To release all the arrested unconditionally and undertake not to prosecute any of the protestors.
3. To appoint an independent commission of inquiry to look into incidents of police brutality.

In view of the upcoming G20 summit and the meeting between Trump and Xi, we implore you to deliver our concerns and demands to your governments. We urge you to stand with us in preserving Hong Kong’s freedom and autonomy under Chinese rule.

Thank you.

Yours truly,