Full border reopening between Guangdong and HK may be postponed till Beijing Winter Olympics around March 2022, sources

Dr.Allen Shi, the chairman of the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (CMA)

30th August 2021 – (Hong Kong) According to multiple sources in the political and business circles, many have learned from different channels that the border reopening with relaxed conditions between Guangdong and Hong Kong may be postponed until the Beijing Winter Olympics which will be held in February next year i.e. the border will only be reopened in March 2022.

In order to prevent the impact on Beijing’s successful hosting of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games, the mainland authorities continued to hesitate to reopen border with relaxed conditions with Hong Kong. The Beijing government apparently does not want to repeat the same mistake as the host of Tokyo Olympics after COVID-19 cases rebounded sharply with strong opposition from the public. The Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s popularity fell instead of rising as a result. China wants to be seen as achieving “complete victory” against the pandemic by allowing spectators to be present during the games.

A pro-Beijing source said that the postponement of border reopening till March next year is not an estimate, but a mainland official has revealed to him that the Guangdong authorities are planning to officially reopen its border with relaxed conditions with Hong Kong in March next year. He went on to say that although imported COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong has fallen to only 3 – 5 every day, based on the actual situation in the Mainland and cases calculated on a pro-rata basis, the number of imported cases from the Mainland has always been significantly lower than that of Hong Kong. Therefore, the Guangdong authorities are not so keen to resume border reopening with Hong Kong at present.

However, he emphasised that all parties in Hong Kong are ready to immediately implement full border reopening arrangements at any time.

Dr.Allen Shi, the chairman of the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (CMA)  said that if the news is true, it will be a serious blow to the business community. The business community has been hoping for an early full border reopening for a while. The exchanges between the two places could not be restarted in the past year and a half, which resulted in a considerable impact on the economy between the two places.