Fujian triad and local 14k gang join forces to launch massive attack on protesters in black this Sunday during the HK Island East street rally


8th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) Many Hong Kongers were still in shock after white-clad triad members attacked protesters before being outnumbered on a street in North Point on 5th August. We reported on 4th August that there was an online rumour with regards to their presence at multiple MTR stations.

On 6th August, we reported again that  many shops on King’s Road  were closed after there was a rumour that the mobs in white might attack civilians in North Point later in the evening.

Their comrades from Fujian province took ferry from Macau and came into the city from China on 6th August and held a meeting at their clan’s premises on Ming Yuen Western Street in North Point.

At around 9pm on the same day, a group of men in white allegedly from the Fujian triad appeared and stood in front of Everwin Arcade on King’s Road. Police officers were seen nearby at Ming Yuen Western Street.

Sources revealed that the Fujian triad has joined forces with the local 14K triad, the second largest Triad group in the world with around 25,000 members to attack the protesters on this Sunday. The Hong Kong Island East Street rally is schedule to start from Victoria Park in Causeway Bay before ending at Java Road Playground in Quarry Bay on 11th August 2019.  Violent clashes and ‘flash mob’ attacks are expected to be carried out by protesters again.