Fugitive tycoon Joseph Lau’s daughter Lau Sau-ying set to become architectural graduate, opens 8,000sqf dance school

    Lau Sau-ying

    18th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Lau Sau-ying, the 21-year-old daughter of fugitive tycoon Joseph Lau, and his former partner Yvonne Lui, is set to become an architectural graduate. Lau Sau-ying took to Instagram today to showcase her work and portfolio, proudly announcing, “Graduation speech done!” In the accompanying photos, Lau Sau-ying appeared composed and confident while presenting and explaining her projects, demonstrating remarkable poise. Her mother, Yvonne Lui, also congratulated her, commenting, “Congratulations!”

    Lau Sau-ying has been nurtured by her mother’s guidance from a young age. Apart from being a talented guitarist and pianist, she regularly uploads self-performed music videos on YouTube and has even released her own single. Lau Sau-ying’s talents extend to dance as well, with her displaying exceptional aptitude in ballet. Despite starting formal ballet training at the age of 15, she dedicated herself for two years, earning a certificate from the Royal Academy of Dance in the U.K. She has also been selected to join the Hong Kong Ballet Company, frequently performing on various stages. Last year, she participated in the “International Ballet Competition 2023” and won the gold medal in the open category, showcasing her remarkable skills. Furthermore, Lau Sau-ying has excelled in martial arts competitions, earning a gold medal, truly embodying the concept of being well-rounded.

    Last month, Lau Sau-ying made a significant announcement, revealing her entrepreneurial ambitions. She has recently become a boss, opening an impressive 8,000 square foot dance school in Wong Chuk-hang. This bold move showcases her determination and entrepreneurial spirit.