Fugitive tycoon Joseph Lau’s daughter Lau Sau-ying changes name, sparks online discussion

    Aspen Lau and insert picture (right): Joseph Lau.

    9th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a recent press conference, Joseph Lau, the fugitive tycoon, captivated the audience with his explosive remarks. The content of the conference has ignited passionate discussions among netizens, with many praising Lau for his boldness and outspokenness. During the press conference, Lau launched a scathing attack on his former lover, Yvonne Lui, accusing her of orchestrating a smear campaign. This incident has also become a topic of widespread debate, although Lau’s actions seem to have had no impact on his eldest daughter, Lau Sau-ying.

    Joseph Lau, the former chairman of Chinese Estates Holdings Ltd., held an impromptu press conference on the afternoon of November 10th to address recent online articles. Lau’s response has generated significant attention and interest among the public. Aspen Lau Sau-ying, his eldest daughter, has seemingly remained unaffected by the controversy.

    Today, Lau Sau-ying shared photos on her Instagram account, showcasing her ballet performance at Hysan Place. She expressed her satisfaction with the performance, captioning the post, “First performance at Hysan done!!” Additionally, some observant netizens noticed that she had changed her Instagram username to “Kiu Kiu.” When questioned about the name change, one netizen speculated that “Kiu Kiu” might be her nickname. However, Lau Sau-ying clarified, “Kiu Kiu is not my nickname. It is part of my given name because I have changed it.” This response piqued the curiosity of netizens, leading them to inquire if her new name is “Lau Sau-kiu,” but she denied this speculation. Meanwhile, another netizen asked, “Why did you change your name? Don’t you recognise your father anymore?” To this, she replied, “The reason for my name change has nothing to do with my father.”