Frost warning issued at 4.30pm by HK Observatory, temperature on Tai Mo Shan recorded at 9°C


28th January 2023 – (Hong Kong) At 4.30pm today, the Hong Kong Observatory warned farmers and others concerned that ground frost is likely to occur early tomorrow morning on high ground or in the northern part of the New Territories. As of 4.45pm today, temperature of only 9°C recorded on Tai Mo Shan, the coldest in Hong Kong. Temperature in the urban areas was recorded at 14.6°C.

Under the influence of an intense northeast monsoon, the weather will be very dry over Guangdong in the next couple of days. It will be cold in the morning and at night. The temperature difference between day and night will be relatively large. With the monsoon moderating slightly midweek next week, temperatures will rise gradually and the weather will be cloudier over southern China. A fresh to strong easterly airstream is expected to affect the coast of Guangdong in the latter part of next week. It will be windier over the region.

It will be cold tonight and tomorrow morning. The minimum temperature will be about 10 degrees Celsius in the urban areas, and a few degrees lower in the New Territories. The maximum temperature will be around 17 degrees Celsius during the day. 

Meanwhile, the Cold Weather Warning is now in force. Cold weather is expected in Hong Kong in the next couple of days.

 In view of the cold weather, the Home Affairs Department has opened 18 temporary shelters in various districts today for people in need of the service. The temporary shelters will remain open when the Cold Weather Warning is in force.
To ensure that cold shelter users can rest in a quiet and undisturbed environment, members of the public or agencies wishing to make donations to shelter users are requested to register with the staff of the shelter first. Donors will then be directed to place the donated items at a specified indoor location. The staff will help notify the shelter users to collect the items on their own.
Anyone seeking temporary refuge or with any questions about the donation arrangements at the cold shelters may call the department’s hotline 2572 8427 for more information.

Hong Kong Observatory