From pageant glory to private jets: A glimpse into the life of former Miss Asia Teresa Lou

    Miss Asia Teresa Lou

    23rd November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Teresa Lou, crowned Miss Asia in 1999 and recognised as Miss Photogenic, is remembered for her impressive figure and sweet smile. Despite the lower popularity and historical standing of the ATV Miss Asia Pageant, run by Asia Television Limited, compared to the Miss Hong Kong pageant, it remains a significant beauty contest in the region. Many of its winners, including Lou, have left lasting impressions.

    Lou’s victory paved the way for her entrance into the entertainment industry. However, she faded from the limelight after her contract with ATV ended in 2004 and there was a dearth of acting opportunities. Her appearances have been infrequent ever since, as she took on the role of handling her family’s jewellery business.

    Recently, Lou made a rare appearance at a fan meeting held by Anita Lee in Los Angeles. The now 46-year-old Lou, with a forehead reminiscent of the Qing Dynasty, has changed remarkably from her peak beauty queen days, to the astonishment of netizens. However, her appearance seems natural, with visible signs of ageing, suggesting a lack of reliance on aesthetic treatments and an embrace of ageing gracefully.

    After exiting the entertainment industry, Lou has led a leisurely life. A perusal of her social media posts reveals many lifestyle photos, with a majority featuring her travels. She regularly jet-sets around the world, including indulging in luxurious skiing holidays in Europe. Her photos hint at opulence, with private jet journeys and stays at stunning beach villas, indicating a rich and comfortable life. She also shares a collection of alluring photos, showcasing her enviable figure.

    Lou’s past in the entertainment circle was not without its share of rumours. She was reportedly involved in a romantic relationship with Ruco Chan, who was simultaneously pursuing Linda Chung, leading to a speculated love triangle that made magazine covers. However, Chan later clarified that these rumours were unfounded. Lou was also linked to the late entertainment tycoon Lam Kin-ming, earning her the nickname “Young Mistress.”