French authorities apprehend suspect in deadly Paris assault near Eiffel Tower


3rd December 2023 – (Paris) French law enforcement arrested a man on Saturday evening, suspected of launching a violent hammer and knife assault in the central Parisian district of Bir Hakeim, not far from the iconic Eiffel Tower. The vicious attack resulted in the death of one individual and left two others injured, according to official reports from France’s Interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin.

The fatal victim of the attack, a German tourist of Filipino descent, tragically lost his life in the incident. The two additional victims sustained injuries which, while serious, are not expected to be life-threatening. The identity of the assailant, as revealed by Minister Darmanin, is a French national previously known to local intelligence agencies.

The man was swiftly subdued by law enforcement officers who arrived on the scene, with one officer effectively deploying a taser to neutralise the suspect. The apprehended individual is reportedly in a stable condition.

Following his arrest, the suspect confessed to his inability to tolerate the continued suffering of Muslims in conflict zones like Afghanistan and Palestine, as per Darmanin’s statement. The suspect, a French-born citizen with a criminal record dating back to 2016, had previously served a four-year prison sentence for planning “violent action.”

Notably, the suspect had been under the radar of intelligence services due to a history of severe psychiatric disorders.

French President Emmanuel Macron has labelled the incident a terror attack and has entrusted the investigation to France’s anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office. In a heartfelt message, President Macron extended his deepest condolences to the bereaved family members and loved ones of the German national who was fatally wounded in the incident.

In a commendation to the French emergency services, Macron expressed his gratitude for their swift and professional response to the situation. “The national anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office now will be responsible for shedding light on this matter so that justice can be done in the name of the French people,” Macron stated.

Footage captured at the site of the attack showed a heavy presence of emergency services, including numerous police cars, ambulances, and units from the Paris Fire Brigade. The area was swiftly cordoned off and traffic in the vicinity was significantly affected, with diversions put in place to manage the situation. The public has been advised to steer clear of the area until further notice.