France’s President Emmanuel Macron holds discussion with Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi

Macron (left) and Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi (right)

10th June 2023 – (Paris) Reports from both Iranian state media and pro-Iranian media outlets are circulating online, claiming that France’s President Emmanuel Macron recently held a 90-minute discussion with Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi. According to the reports from Iran’s pro-regime Tasnim media, the conversation focused on promoting relations between the two countries.

Mehr News, another Iranian regime-friendly media outlet, reported that Mohammad Jamshidi, the deputy head of Iran’s Presidential Office for Political Affairs, announced on Twitter that Raisi had spoken with Macron. The two leaders apparently discussed how to improve relations and agreed on a “roadmap for engagement,” particularly regarding ongoing negotiations and regional developments.

The conversation between Macron and Raisi comes at a time when Macron has appointed a special envoy to Lebanon to help mediate the crisis there over the lack of a new president. Last week, Macron named his former foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, as his personal envoy for Lebanon. Additionally, US official Brett McGurk, who is President Joe Biden’s senior Middle East adviser, recently traveled to Oman to discuss developments regarding Iran.

The length of the conversation, which lasted 90 minutes according to reports, raises questions about the discussions between Iran and the West and the possibility of the U.S. returning to some kind of Iran deal. In recent weeks, rumours have circulated about progress between the US and Iran on some sort of arrangement, but there are also numerous sanctions against Iran for its supply of drones to Russia.