Four-year-old boy in China survives after jumping from 26th floor using umbrella as parachute


29th May 2023 – (Jishou City) A four-year-old boy in Jishou City, Hunan, China, survived after jumping from the 26th floor of his apartment building using an umbrella as a parachute. According to a report by Shandong-based media network Shui Mu Wang, the boy had allegedly watched Tom and Jerry cartoons and decided to imitate the cartoon’s actions while his parents were out of the house.

The boy’s mother works in a different city, while his father travels often for work. At the time of the incident, his grandmother was reportedly out fetching the boy’s sister.

Fortunately, the boy survived the fall, but he did suffer a broken arm. The umbrella and the trees he landed on helped to break his fall. He was quickly taken to the hospital and is reportedly in stable condition, receiving medical treatment for multiple body fractures.