Four-vehicle rear-end collision on Tsuen Wan Road, man sitting at rear of car while talking on phone criticised for endangering himself


30th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Today, at around 3pm, authorities received a report regarding a multi-vehicle collision on Tsuen Wan Road, heading towards Tuen Mun, near Cable TV Tower. It is suspected that one of the vehicles failed to brake in time, resulting in a rear-end collision involving four cars. Fortunately, only two individuals sustained minor injuries in the incident.

Following the accident, a netizen uploaded photos and videos of the aftermath to social media. The images depicted a privately-owned car with its rear severely damaged, positioned on the left lane. The other three vehicles involved, including a sports car, were stopped on the fast lane. Meanwhile, a man wearing a vest and flip-flops was seen sitting on the roadside shoulder of one of the seven-seater cars involved, engaged in a phone conversation.

After viewing the photos, some netizens criticized the man in the vest and flip-flops for his dangerous behaviour. They pointed out the potential risk if an approaching driver failed to see him, as it could lead to an accident if the vehicle couldn’t stop in time and hit him.