Four middle-aged women surround Ferrari in Tsim Sha Tsui


24th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Several photos have been circulating online, capturing a peculiar sight in the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui. The images depict a Ferrari parked on the roadside of Ashley Road, with four middle-aged women gathering around the luxury car. Some of them eagerly took snapshots, while one even boldly sat on the car’s hood, nonchalantly crossing her legs. The uploader of the photos called out to the car owner, urging their prompt return. Amusingly, netizens suggested calling the authorities, jokingly referring to the incident as “criminal damage.” Some even playfully challenged the car owner to join in the impromptu photo session and asked if the car’s front end was unharmed.

The images were initially shared on a local Facebook group by various netizens. Three relevant pictures were uploaded, providing a glimpse of the scene unfolding on Ashley Road. Two of the photos feature middle-aged women, one dressed in a white top and the other in a pink dress. They can be seen capturing solo shots alongside the Ferrari, as if it were their own. The woman in the white top even brazenly sat on the car’s hood, crossing her legs in a carefree manner. The third photo, presumably taken by a passerby, shows another woman in a red outfit sitting on the car’s hood with her legs raised, while an additional lady in a floral dress appears to be taking her photo.

The uploader’s caption humorously read, “Ashley Road in real-time! Car owner, please return.” Netizens responded with lighthearted comments, jesting about the durability of Ferrari’s steel, saying, “The Ferrari must have a strong roof!” and “It’s no big deal to be photographed. But the auntie shouldn’t sit on it!” They praised the women’s enthusiasm, with remarks like “These ladies know what they’re doing” and humorously suggesting reporting the incident as “criminal damage.” Some users even claimed to recognize the car owner, playfully asking about the condition of the car’s front end.