Four middle-aged adults engage in umbrella brawl and verbal clash at Yue Man Square in Kwun Tong


23rd April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Four middle-aged individuals were involved in a physical altercation at the Yue Man Square shopping mall in Kwun Tong. The confrontation, which unfolded amid a rainy backdrop on the ground level of the mall at 33 Hip Wo Street, escalated from a verbal dispute to a full-blown fight involving umbrellas as makeshift weapons.

The footage reveals an intense exchange that began with a heated argument among the quartet. As the disagreement intensified, the individuals resorted to using their umbrellas to strike each other. A man, described as having a crew cut and dressed in a dark grey top, initially walked away from the verbal spat but was pursued by a woman in a black and white striped top who continued to berate him. An eyewitness humorously questioned the effectiveness of their scuffle, which quickly escalated as the woman used her umbrella to hit the man on his arm.

In response, the man retaliated by striking back with his umbrella, aiming at her legs. The altercation grew more violent as they exchanged blows to each other’s faces with their umbrellas. Two other individuals, a man in a leopard print shirt and another woman, joined the fray, further intensifying the scene. The man in leopard print intercepted the crew-cut individual with a slap, leading to a brief cessation of their fight.