Four automakers in South Korea to recall 7,700 vehicles for manufacturing defects


8th May 2024 – (Hong Kong)Four prominent car manufacturers in South Korea have voluntarily initiated a recall of approximately 7,700 vehicles due to identified manufacturing defects. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport made this announcement on Wednesday, shedding light on the actions being taken by Hyundai Motor, Kia Corp., Jaguar Land Rover Korea, and Volkswagen Group Korea.

Hyundai Motor, one of the major players in the automotive industry, will be recalling 4,118 units of five different models, including the popular Avante sedan. The recall is necessitated by a defect found in the exhaust gas recirculation (ERG) valve power unit, which has the potential to cause engine shutdown while driving. This proactive measure aims to address the issue and eliminate any associated risks.

Similarly, Kia Corp., another renowned automaker, will be recalling 2,668 units of three models, including the K3 sedan, for the same manufacturing defect identified in Hyundai vehicles. By taking swift action, Kia Corp. aims to rectify the issue and ensure the continued safety of their customers.

Jaguar Land Rover Korea, known for its luxury vehicles, will be addressing a specific problem in 329 units of two models, specifically the new Range Rover Sport P360. The issue pertains to the poor fixation of the rear light illumination device, and the company is committed to providing the necessary repairs to rectify this situation promptly.

Additionally, Volkswagen Group Korea will be taking corrective action on 623 units of the Touareg 3 3.0 TDI model. The recall is in response to a software error detected in the mobile applications, which can potentially lead to malfunctions during remote automated parking. By addressing this issue, Volkswagen Group Korea aims to ensure the optimal performance and safety of these vehicles.