Founder of AbouThai store, Mike Lam arrested


6th January 2021 – (Hong Kong) The National Security Department of the police arrested more than 52 pro-democracy activists on suspicion of “subverting state power” in violation of the National Security Law this (6th) morning.

In addition to the arrests of a number of former members of the Legislative Council and current district councillors, many people who were planning to participate in the election of the Legislative Council last year were also arrested, including the founder of “AbouThai” retail chain, Mike Lam King-nam at 11am this morning. Lam was taken to Ma On Shan Police Station.

Lam participated in the pro-democracy primary elections in the New Territories East. He lost in the primary elections and then announced his participation in the Import and Export functional constituency.

Lam was a former Customs officer who was dismissed 2015, and later founded AbouThai Chain Store. It claims to be the largest Thai product retail chain store in Hong Kong. With over 100 Thai brands, Abouthai sells products including but not limited to spa and aroma products, food, drinks, personal care products, health care products, skincare products, household products and groceries etc.