Formerly imprisoned celebrities Jaycee Chan, Ko Chen-tung, and Seungri reunite in Singapore

    Jaycee Chan (right) and Seungri (middle).

    20th September 2023 – (Singapore) Jaycee Chan and Taiwanese singer and actor Ko Chen-tung, who were previously involved in drug-related offences and served a six-month prison sentence, have recently reunited in Singapore during the 2023 F1 Singapore Grand Prix. The two celebrities, who were banned from the Mainland Chinese entertainment industry for approximately four years, attended an F1 racing event together. They were joined by Seungri, a former member of the South Korean group BIGBANG, who was released from prison in February this year. The reunion of these three individuals has sparked nostalgic memories among netizens, who hope that they have reformed and will have future opportunities for collaboration.