Former TVB star Kiwi Ching makes surprise appearance at Frankie Ng’s private kitchen opening, flaunting her stunning figure

    Kiwi Cheng (right).

    17th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) 29-year-old model Kiwi Ching, made a striking appearance at the grand opening ceremony of Frankie Ng’s private kitchen in Shenzhen. Previously rising to fame as a participant on TVB’s hit show “Beautiful Cooking,” Kiwi later became an assistant on Chapman To’s program. However, Kiwi later found herself at the centre of controversy when rumours surfaced about To’s financial dependence on her. After a brief stint in the limelight, Kiwi gradually faded from the public eye. Some reports suggest that she transitioned into the insurance industry, where she allegedly earned a six-figure salary. However, Kiwi eventually shifted her focus to the beauty industry, although she admitted that it did not yield the same financial rewards as her previous ventures.

    Recently, Kiwi Ching surprised onlookers as she attended the opening ceremony of Frankie Ng’s new establishment in Shenzhen. The mainland Chinese male internet celebrity, known for his online presence, was present to congratulate the renowned entrepreneur on his latest venture. Little did he expect that Kiwi Ching would make a captivating appearance at the event. Dressed in a tight-fitting corset top, Kiwi’s curvaceous figure immediately attracted attention.

    During the event, Kiwi Ching playfully extended her congratulations to Frankie Ng. Her lightheartedness added a touch of humour to the occasion. Although she seemed slightly camera-shy and self-conscious about her appearance, Kiwi’s natural beauty remained undeniable. The unexpected presence of Kiwi Ching at Frankie Ng’s opening ceremony raises questions about her current pursuits. Could it be that she has relocated to northern regions to seek new opportunities alongside prominent figures like Frankie Ng? Kiwi Ching’s career in the entertainment industry has been filled with ups and downs. In 2018, she faced allegations of arrogance and was publicly criticised by her former manager, Chen Dareen, who referred to her as having a “stubborn personality.” Despite her absence from the spotlight for over three years, Kiwi revealed last year that she still receives event invitations and inquiries about her availability, particularly if she agrees to wear her iconic “Turtle Shell” vest. However, her interest in such activities remains lukewarm, as she stated that she would only consider engagements with five-digit remuneration.