Former TVB news anchor laments over difficulties in settling down after migrating to U.K. with his 2 children


    30th September 2021 – (London) Bob Lam Chi Pok, a 50-year-old former TVB news anchor whose employment contract was terminated after working 19 years recently migrated to U.K. with his two children after his wife, Shirley died of cancer last year.

    They have already arrived in U.K. for over a month. Three days ago, he uploaded a video on Youtube to share the latest situation with netizens. He said that he still has not rented a place to stay and has not arranged for his children to attend school. He admitted that it was more complicated than he thought. The family still lives in a hotel.

    After arriving in the UK, he first searched for a hotel for temporary stay, and then searched for a rental listing, but still did not find suitable place. The reason is that the local landlord does not rent out properties easily. Second, Lam said many things are related. Children who want to go to school must have a proof of address. However, the hotel does not address proof. Even if he chooses to rent an Airbnb home, many pointed out that the address of a homestay may not be used as a proof of address because a formal tenancy agreement is required. However, the local municipal council can help enrol the children in the local school first. Third, he would move to a homestay for a few days because it was troublesome to stay in a hotel, and he couldn’t cook food and wash clothes. As a result, he would often go out to eat and pile up a lot of clothes at the same time before taking them to the laundry.

    Fourth, he said that variety of food in U.K. is very limited. He has to eat generic Western food such as hamburgers, salads and pizza in the U.K. He also thinks that the pace of life of British people is relatively slow, it takes him 3-4 weeks to rent a car. Even if he found a car to buy on the website, it still takes a long time before the transaction can be completed.