Former TVB executive Wong Cho-lam transforms from approachable figure to international star with security entourage in mainland China

    Wong Cho-lam

    13th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong actor Wong Cho-lam, 43, has recently achieved immense popularity in mainland China, according to recent reports. Wong, a former executive at Hong Kong-based Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), had stepped down from his role and shifted his focus to mainland China, where he found greater success in television programming.

    Despite his inconspicuous presence, Wong’s innate comedic talent has kept him in the public eye. He frequently appears on variety shows and has become a regular fixture on China Central Television (CCTV). His career has flourished remarkably well in the mainland.

    Recently, Wong was seen in mainland China surrounded by a considerable entourage of security and staff members, who were seen clearing the way for him and preventing bystanders from approaching. The level of security was comparable to what one might expect for an international superstar.

    Over the years, Wong has primarily been based in mainland China, appearing in variety shows, stage performances, and concerts. He has also invested in real estate, amassing a fortune estimated to be in the hundreds of millions. Recently, he was spotted at the Xinguangming Market in mainland China while filming a programme featuring local delicacies. Despite being in a public place, a large number of security personnel and staff were seen preventing the public from approaching and pushing away those attempting to take photos. The scene was reminiscent of the kind of attention that international stars receive, marking a stark contrast to Wong’s earlier image as a down-to-earth celebrity.