Former TVB entertainment news anchor who migrated to U.K. criticised for sharing neighbour’s bikini photo on social media

    Bob Lam

    24th May 2023 – (London) Former TVB entertainment news Anchor Bob Lam Chi-pok, 51, has come under fire after sharing a photo of his female neighbour sunbathing in a bikini on his social media platform, leading to a backlash from netizens and a hasty deletion of the post. Lam, who moved to the United Kingdom with his children in 2021, has been sharing snippets of his life in the UK on his social media platforms. However, he recently caused controversy when he shared two photos of his neighbour in a bikini, which appeared to have been taken without her knowledge or consent. He captioned the photos with derogatory comments about his neighbour and added hashtags that suggested a lack of community spirit.

    The photos and comments prompted a flurry of criticism from netizens, who accused Lam of being disrespectful and invasive. Many netizens pointed out that sunbathing in a bikini is a normal activity in the UK, and that Lam’s neighbor had done nothing wrong. Some also suggested that Lam’s comments and hashtags were intended to stir up trouble and cause conflict with his neighbors.

    Lam quickly deleted the post after the backlash, but not before it had been saved and shared widely on social media. Some netizens have called for Lam to apologise, while others have criticised him for his behaviour and suggested that he should be more respectful of his neighbours’ privacy.