Former TVB actress Shirley Cheung stands firm with controversial boyfriend Calvin Lo, joined by Anita Yuen and William So for dim sum gathering

    From left to right: Calvin Lo, Shirley Cheung, Anita Yuen and William So.

    12th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) 49-year-old Shirley Cheung, the former TVB actress, has embarked on a successful journey both in the entertainment industry and the business world. After gaining immense popularity as a leading lady, Cheung gracefully transitioned into entrepreneurship and established her own beauty and wellness company. Her achievements didn’t stop there, as she became the youngest chairperson of a publicly listed company. Despite maintaining a low-profile when it comes to her personal life, Cheung has recently been open about her relationship with controversial businessman Calvin Lo. Despite Lo being embroiled in controversy in recent years, Cheung has remained steadfastly loyal to him, standing by his side through thick and thin.

    Recently, photos surfaced online showing Shirley Cheung and her boyfriend, Calvin Lo, enjoying dim sum together alongside former actress Anita Yuen and Hong Kong singer William So. Unlike their high-profile status, the group opted for a casual outing and chose to sit among other diners rather than occupying a private room. This down-to-earth gesture showcased their humility and approachability. Cheung and Yuen were seen sitting together, radiating elegance and beauty, capturing the attention of onlookers.

    While Shirley Cheung’s rise to fame and Calvin Lo’s success in the business world have made them a subject of public interest.

    Calvin Lo, the Hong Kong insurance broker who faced accusations of falsifying his wealth in 2023, is now making efforts to rehabilitate his public image. In a recent interview, Lo spoke to a local media outlet, shedding light on his business dealings and sharing specific anecdotes about assisting high-net-worth clients in delicate situations.

    One particular story Lo recounted involved a married client who urgently sought his help to navigate estate planning conflicts with both his wife and mistress. Understanding the complexity of the situation, Lo advised the client to utilise offshore corporate structures and large life insurance policies to discreetly allocate assets to both parties, minimizing potential disputes and preserving the client’s social standing.

    This media appearance follows Lo’s exposure by Forbes for inflating his net worth. Forbes conducted an extensive investigation in 2023, revealing that Lo’s claims of being a billionaire financier were mostly fabricated. Despite aggressively presenting himself as a tycoon with luxury assets and global business ventures, Forbes found that Lo’s true net worth was only around US$20 million, significantly lower than the billion-dollar fortune he had portrayed.

    The investigation also discovered that Lo had exaggerated his brokerage firm’s financial success and misrepresented his educational background and property holdings. Forbes initially relied on misleading information from major media outlets that cited Lo as a billionaire philanthropist, mistakenly attributing the information to Forbes itself. However, after a thorough year-long investigation spanning multiple countries and scrutinising numerous documents, Forbes exposed the truth about Lo’s actual wealth.