Former TVB actress Natalie Tong rents North Point sea view apartment for HK$60,000 per month

    Natalie Tong

    19th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Natalie Tong, the 43-year-old former TVB actress, has been enjoying a lavish lifestyle since leaving the television industry two years ago. Not only has she managed to enter the circle of wealthy women, but she has also formed close friendships with notable figures such as tycoon Joseph Lau’s wife, Kimbee Chan, and actresses Priscilla Wong and Isabella Leung. Rumours suggest that Tong has been upgrading her living arrangements, as she secretly moved from Clearwater Bay to a luxurious North Point apartment with a monthly rent of HK$60,000. This new residence offers breathtaking sea views and spans over a thousand square feet, exuding an air of opulence.

    Recently, Tong generously shared glimpses of her spacious living room. The photos reveal her North Point residence adorned with a tasteful colour palette and minimalist design, creating an ethereal and refreshing ambiance. Her beloved cat also enjoys ample space to roam around. Tong frequently utilises her home as a backdrop for advertisement photoshoots, as seen on her Instagram account. Additionally, her close friend, TVB actress Priscilla Wong, often visits, and the prominent elephant painting in the living room undoubtedly catches the eye.