Former TVB actor Vin Choi denies homosexuality rumours and refutes claims of being supported by wealthy women

    Vin Choi

    12th April 2024 – (Foshan) Former TVB actor Vin Choi, also known as Cai Qijun, has been making headlines recently as he vehemently denies rumours about his sexual orientation and being financially supported by wealthy women. Since leaving TVB in 2014, Choi ventured into the business world by opening noodle and hot pot restaurants. However, due to the impact of the pandemic, his establishments had to close down one after another, resulting in significant financial losses. Despite the challenges, he did not give up and shifted his focus to livestreaming sales, primarily selling chicken feet and fish maw.

    While Choi had previously revealed that he is married, he has never publicly shared a photo with his wife, adding an air of mystery to their relationship. Rumours have also circulated, suggesting his involvement in same-sex relationships and being financially supported by wealthy older women. In response, Choi recently released an emotional video to address these rumours, expressing his frustrations: “People always say that I am being supported by rich women or question my sexual orientation. Seriously, do you guys have any common sense? If someone is really giving me money to live comfortably, why would I keep appearing in livestreams and filming videos every day? I just want to take a break!”

    Many netizens left supportive comments, praising Choi for his resilience and maintaining his attractive appearance. However, one individual claimed to have witnessed a wealthy woman financially supporting him, stating, “At that time, you two were in a romantic relationship!” Choi quickly retaliated, saying, “Don’t spread rumours. That person is my wife, who is one year younger than me. Just because she’s a woman, it doesn’t mean she’s a wealthy woman. We have been together for many years, and our neighbours in Foshan see us together every day.”

    Undeterred, the netizen continued to divulge more information, saying, “I don’t want to describe the other person, but you didn’t need to release this video to clarify things! I believe many people have seen her on TikTok!” Choi continued to counter the claims, stating, “I released the video deliberately to mock people like you. So what if you have seen her? She has nothing to be ashamed of. As long as she is kind-hearted, that’s enough. Don’t defame someone who has been with me through thick and thin. You are not worthy!”

    Although there are reports suggesting that Choi got married in 2015, his wife has never been publicly revealed. Recently, he has been sharing videos showcasing his affectionate gestures towards his wife, such as sending her flowers and washing her feet, demonstrating his qualities as a loving husband.