Former reporter accuses pan-blue lawmaker of sexual harassment during 2014 local elections campaign

Mirror Fiction General Manager Tung Cheng-yu

4th June 2023 – (Taipei) Following a series of allegations of inappropriate behaviour by current and former officials of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), a former reporter has accused a pan-blue lawmaker of sexual harassment during the run-up to the 2014 local elections.

Tung Cheng-yu, the General Manager of Mirror Fiction, claimed that during her time as a reporter with Next Magazine, she and senior managers were invited to dinner with the mayor of Taipei City, a potential mayoral candidate, and a pro-Kuomintang (KMT) county chief. Seated next to the county chief, she found out he was a vegetarian and as they were discussing the subject, he took her hand. She later drew it back slowly, as it was her limit.

At the end of the meal, the county chief suddenly stood up, grabbed her head, and kissed her, according to Tung’s Facebook post on Saturday. She said she did not silently endure his behavior and instead swore loudly. The mayor immediately walked out without saying goodbye, while the potential mayoral candidate had already left earlier. The county chief sat down again and made a remark about her dress.

Tung did not name the politician but said he is now serving as a member of the Legislative Yuan. She also claimed that an assistant tried to convince her that the politician never behaved that way, indicating that the assistant might have been worried she would go public with the incident.

This latest allegation comes in the wake of several accusations involving inappropriate behaviour by people linked to the DPP. Party leaders have apologised and launched measures to counter new cases from occurring again. The KMT, in response to Tung’s allegations, said it would defend gender rights and equal rights and thanked victims for speaking out. The opposition party also welcomed information about incidents of harassment involving party officials.