Former NBA star Stephon Marbury applies under Top Talent Pass Scheme for development in Hong Kong

Stephon Marbury

14th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Former NBA luminary and current head coach of Beijing’s Royal Fighters, Stephon Marbury, announced his intent to expand his ventures in Hong Kong. Marbury aims to impart his basketball wisdom to the city’s youth while sharing tales of his Beijing tenure, encouraging a deeper understanding of China among the young generation.

Marbury’s choice of Hong Kong, he explained, was influenced by his New York City upbringing on the island of Brooklyn, similar in size and vibe to Hong Kong.

On 13th November, Marbury submitted his application under the Top Talent Pass Scheme and held a press conference with the director of the Talent Engage Office, Anthony Lau. Lau expressed optimism about Marbury’s application, considering it a well-deserved motivation for others to apply.

Marbury’s career took a dramatic turn in 2010 when he moved from NBA to the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). His retirement from CBA in 2018 marked the beginning of his coaching career with Beijing’s Royal Fighters. Reflecting on his career trajectory, Marbury acknowledged China’s pivotal role during a tumultuous period in his professional life.

Marbury, now a permanent resident of China, was honoured with the Beijing Citizen Award in 2014 and has since made significant contributions to Chinese society, including charity work during the COVID-19 pandemic. His current role as ambassador of the Hong Kong Sports Foundation has him heavily involved in various activities, including mentoring disadvantaged youth in basketball.

Responding to queries about the risks of venturing into a new territory, Marbury clarified that his decision to apply for the Talent Pass was not a risk but a step towards another opportunity for growth. He emphasised his global approach, stating, “I’m not just targeting China or Hong Kong; I’m addressing the global market.”

Marbury anticipates frequent stays in Hong Kong following his Talent Pass application. As a former player and current coach, he is planning collaborations with Hong Kong teams, stating, “For me, being able to have input and how the game is growing here in Hong Kong means a lot.”

Besides sports, Marbury believes he can contribute to Hong Kong’s development in several ways. He plans to continue his charity work and possibly bring business opportunities to the city. He also hopes to use his unique perspective to bridge the gap between Hong Kong’s youth and their understanding of China.

Marbury expressed his fondness for Hong Kong, drawing parallels between his Brooklyn upbringing and the island city. He believes the similarities between the two places make Hong Kong an ideal choice for his continued development.