Former Miss Hong Kong Lisa-Marie Tse pivots with fresh image

    Lisa Marie Tse

    1st March 2024 – (Hong Kong) Lisa-Marie Tse, the 28-year-old beauty queen, emerged as a beacon of splendour when she clinched the Miss Hong Kong crown in 2020, alongside the title of “Most Photogenic”. Her Scottish and Hong Kong heritage earned her accolades such as “the most beautiful Miss Hong Kong”. Yet, despite her radiant beauty, Tse has faced challenges in the entertainment industry, primarily due to her limited proficiency in Cantonese.

    Tse’s career has been somewhat subdued in comparison to her peers. While she has hosted shows intermittently and made appearances in the situational comedy “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold”, her acting portfolio remains relatively thin, especially when contrasted with the swift rise of her fellow contestant Rosita Kwok, who achieved fame through “Get on a Flat”. Even the buzz surrounding the contestant with a notable physique, Miss Hong Kong aspirant Kwok Pei Wen, has eclipsed Tse’s presence in the limelight.

    Recently, Tse has taken a decisive step to reinvigorate her career by accepting a new role that required her to sacrifice her long tresses for a boyish yet feminine bob. Pictures of her new hairstyle prompted a flurry of admiration from netizens, with many commenting on the refreshing change. However, some have pointedly inquired about her progress in learning Cantonese, to which others have defensively responded, urging critics to mind their own proficiency.