Former Miss Hong Kong contestant Ceci Ho transitions to TVB news reporter, garnering praise for her stunning figure

    Ceci Ho

    20th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) A female journalist, who previously served as an intern, has now been promoted to a full-fledged reporter, much to the delight of her dedicated fans. Discussions about her have sprung up on online forums dedicated to TVB anchors and reporters. Many netizens have praised her stunning looks and impeccable figure, which may seem like an unusual way to describe a journalist, but it’s completely justified in this case. After all, she is none other than Ceci Ho, a former Miss Hong Kong contestant.

    Ceci Ho, pursued her studies in journalism and communication at the prestigious Hang Seng University in Hong Kong. Last year, she participated in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, a renowned beauty contest, and made it to the top 20 finalists. As expected, being a Miss Hong Kong contestant inevitably led to public scrutiny. Ceci was already known for her extensive social network and active involvement in volunteer services, as well as her membership in various business associations. Additionally, she possesses a passion for dancing, including pole dancing, which she practices in her spare time. During the pageant, she showcased her dancing skills, using dance as a means to stand out from the competition. Although she didn’t secure any titles in the end, she did have the opportunity to walk the red carpet during the TVB anniversary celebration, where she joined fellow actresses such as Crystal Fung and Kelly Cheung in a sizzling and sensual dance performance. It was anticipated that Ceci would continue her path in acting or hosting, but to everyone’s surprise, she decided to take on the role of a reporter at TVB, embarking on a new and unexpected journey within the network.

    It’s evident that Ceci Ho possesses both beauty and brains, with her academic background in journalism and her past experience in a high-profile beauty pageant. Her transition from the world of pageantry to the realm of journalism has undoubtedly raised eyebrows and sparked interest among the public. Her fans are excited to see how she will excel in her new role as a TVB news reporter, bringing her unique blend of charm, intelligence, and captivating presence to the screen.