Former Miss Hong Kong 1987 Pauline Yeung’s youthful glow and contented life capture public attention

    57-year-old Pauline Yeung (right) and her 77-year-old mother (left).

    17th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Former Miss Hong Kong 1987, Pauline Yeung, has recently made headlines as her current status and age-defying appearance have been revealed. Despite enjoying a successful career in the entertainment industry, Yeung decided to step away from the limelight in 1999. She ventured into the business world and took on the role of a non-executive director in a jewellery company. In the realm of romance, Yeung has experienced two failed marriages. However, she chose to believe in love when she reunited with her first love, Gavin. They got married and, along with their son, immigrated to Las Vegas, USA, where they now lead a blissful and fulfilling life.

    In a heartwarming gesture to celebrate Mother’s Day, Yeung shared a sweet photo of herself and her mother. Despite being rarely seen in the public eye, Yeung continues to radiate confidence and beauty. Her skin remains flawless and radiant, exuding an air of elegance and grace. One would never guess that Yeung is already 57 years old. Even her mother, who stood beside her in the photo, appears ageless and could easily be mistaken for her sister rather than her mother.