Former Miss HK Carmaney Wong defies expectations by promoting fireplace heater in summer

    Carmaney Wong

    11th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Carmaney Wong, the winner of the 2019 Miss Hong Kong pageant, has been captivating audiences with her stunning beauty and enviable figure. Since entering into a relationship with wealthy heir Jordan, Carmaney has been living life to the fullest and frequently shares her sexy physique on Instagram, effortlessly grabbing everyone’s attention. As summer approaches, however, Carmaney surprised her followers by posting a video on Instagram promoting a space heater. Surprisingly, the post received unanimous praise.

    In the video, Carmaney promotes a device that bears a striking resemblance to a fireplace. She excitedly unpacks the product and shares her thoughts on this fireplace-like gadget. However, given that summer is just around the corner, the timing of selling a space heater seems peculiar. Some online users couldn’t help but comment with a touch of humor, saying, “Wrong timing,” “Who needs a heater in summer? Are you sending it to England?” and “Introducing a heater at this time of the year? It’s already summer!” Carmaney explained that she simply wanted to share her excitement, acknowledging that it might be a bit late but expressing her genuine enthusiasm.

    Despite the unusual choice of promoting a heater during the summer, Carmaney managed to maintain her popularity by showcasing her flawless legs and attractive physique in a tight-fitting mini-skirt. The majority of netizens voiced their support, with comments like, “We don’t need fast-forwarding. I’ll watch you unbox it at any pace,” and many others inquiring where they could purchase the product. It seems being a beautiful woman truly has its perks.