Former Miss HK 2nd runner-up Lisa Ch’ng and actor Mat Yeung forge through challenges together

    Lisa Ch'ng and Mat Yeung.

    23rd April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Miss Hong Kong 2010 2nd runner-up Lisa Ch’ng, 37, and actor Mat Yeung have navigated a series of personal and public challenges that have only strengthened their relationship, now reportedly on the brink of marriage.

    Lisa Ch’ng first captured public attention in her early 20s when she clinched the third spot in the Miss Hong Kong pageant. However, it is her unwavering support for Yeung during his legal troubles and subsequent imprisonment in 2020 that truly won her commendations for her loyalty and character. The actor faced a downturn after a car accident led to legal complications, but Ch’ng stood firmly by his side, exemplifying the role of a supportive partner.

    The couple’s relationship faced further tests following the death of Ch’ng’s father, a Malaysian Dato’, earlier this year. Yeung was by her side, helping manage the familial and ceremonial duties—a gesture that underscored his deep commitment to their relationship. These trying times have seemingly prepared them for a future together, with rumours of wedding bells in the near future.

    Ch’ng, who has always maintained a poised public image reflective of her heritage as the daughter of a Malaysian Dato’, was recently spotted by fans in a rare public appearance. Dressed elegantly and carrying a designer handbag, she showcased the grace and sophistication expected of someone of her social standing. The encounter, widely shared on social media, had fans praising her real-life charm and beauty, often noting that she appeared even more striking in person than on screen.

    Comments from netizens like “She looks much better in person,” and “Her beauty is even more astounding up close,” flooded social media platforms, highlighting her popularity and the public’s fascination with her persona.

    Lisa Ch’ng.