Former Manchester United midfielder Ravel Morrison fined for illegally using deceased person’s parking permit

Ravel Morrison

6th December 2023 – (Manchester) Ravel Morrison, a former midfielder for Manchester United, has been fined by the Manchester Magistrates Court for using a parking permit registered to a deceased individual. The court heard that in May of this year, the 30-year-old parked his Audi S3 on Bridgewater Street in the city, utilizing a blue badge intended for individuals with limited mobility, allowing them to park in closer proximity to their destinations.

The discovery was made that the permit belonged to someone who had passed away the previous year. Morrison pleaded guilty to one count of fraud, admitting that he had purchased the badge from an individual for £50 ($63.09). As a result, he was fined £1,000 in addition to costs and a victim surcharge.

A spokesperson for Manchester’s City Council emphasised that this ruling underscores the fact that the law applies to everyone without exception. It serves as a reminder that even public figures are not exempt from legal consequences for their actions.

Born in Manchester, Morrison was scouted by Manchester United’s academy and signed a professional contract with the club on his 17th birthday in 2010. However, his appearances for the club were limited, with him featuring in only three matches, all in the League Cup.

Throughout his career, Morrison has played for various clubs including West Ham United, Sheffield United, and Derby County. His most recent stint was with DC United.