Former Legislative Councillor Dennis Kwok officially moves to Canada to start a new life with his family


8th April 2021 – (Toronto) Dennis Kwok, a former Legislative Councillor from the Civic Party, left Hong Kong at the end of November last year and arrived in Canada via London. His family also arrived in Canada in December 2020. The Canadian media, Globe and Mail got in touch with Kwok who was born in Canada and he responded that he is planning to re-naturalise. He hopes to start a new life in Canada with his family. Kwok told the media that “Canada is the place where I was born. It is a country that upholds human rights, democracy and the rule of law.” The report did not disclose the location of Kwok in Canada.

Canadian Conservative Party member Michael David Chong urged the government to help Dennis Kwok restore his national identity without the need for Hong Kong certification and documents and to provide Hong Kongers with an avenue to seek asylum in Canada without the need for Hong Kong certification and documents.