Former JPEX-linked Coingaroo ambassador, 49-year-old actor Sammy Leung, sparks speculation with 2 consecutive days of radio show absence and 3 days of social media inactivity

    Ssammy Leung

    19th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In the midst of a widespread investigation into the unlicensed operations of JPEX, several individuals, including social media influencers Joseph Lam-chok and Chan Yee, have been arrested. The controversy has now extended to various crypto-related stores such as Coingaroo, where law enforcement officers conducted searches after forcefully entering three of their premises yesterday (18th). Adding fuel to the speculation, 49-year-old actor Sammy Leung, who previously served as a star ambassador for Coingaroo, conveniently took leave during this sensitive period, being absent from his radio show for two consecutive days and remaining inactive on social media for three days, which immediately triggered endless speculation among netizens. Some netizens also pointed out Leung’s prior remarks about going to the UK for school matters, further fueling the rumours.

    When confronted with netizens’ curiosity about whether Leung was involved in the case, he revealed in an interview that he is currently traveling in Spain. When asked about his previous role as an ambassador and concerns about being implicated, he simply expressed gratitude for the concern and mentioned that his contract with Coingaroo had ended at the end of last year, without offering any further comments.