Former Indian TVB actor Ricky Chan, gains weight and takes up dishwashing job at a Guangzhou restaurant

    Ricky Chan (left) and Lee Kwok-lun (right) were spotted by a fan in Guangzhou recently.

    29th May 2024 – (Guangzhou) Netizens were surprised to spot Ricky Chan, the Indian actor who portrayed the character “Raj Sir” in the TVB drama series “Barrack O’Karma,” along with fellow actor Gill Mohindepaul Singh. The chance meeting resulted in a shared photograph, which has since circulated online.

    Ricky Chan, who played the roles of Gloria Tang Pui-yee’s boyfriend and the South Asian police officer “Raj Sir” in the popular drama, initially gained recognition for his fluent Cantonese skills as a Hong Kong-born actor. However, his personal life took a drastic turn in July 2020 when his wife, Alison, exposed his alleged misdeeds, including infidelity, domestic violence, and mounting debts. These revelations tarnished his image and significantly impacted his career prospects. As a consequence, in November of the same year, he was discovered working as a cleaner at a restaurant in Guangzhou.

    Chan’s entry into the entertainment industry was facilitated by his fellow townsperson, Gill Mohindepaul Singh, and he had the opportunity to participate in various TV dramas. He even starred alongside Cantopop diva Joey Yung in a commercial, showcasing his promising career. However, Alison’s extensive social media post in July 2020 accused Chan of neglecting his responsibilities as a husband and father, alleging that he had drained their finances, including their daughter’s red packet money, government subsidies, and funds borrowed from friends, to sustain an extramarital affair. The post further claimed that Chan resorted to violence, resulting in his daughter being physically harmed. Alison’s grievances prompted her to seek a divorce, publicly sever ties with Chan, and urge others who had loaned money to him to report the matter to the authorities.

    Reports suggest that Chan had promising opportunities in mainland China, including roles in web dramas and stage performances. However, the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted his front-facing career, forcing him to take up work at a restaurant to support himself. In addition to dishwashing and cleaning duties, Chan also handled customer service tasks such as serving dishes and arranging tables. Despite his previous prospects, Chan has remained relatively quiet about his recent life endeavours.

    The recent encounter in Guangzhou, where netizens spotted Chan with Lee Kwok-lun, captured in a photograph, has reignited interest in the former TVB actor. The photo showed Chan dressed casually in a T-shirt and jeans, noticeably displaying significant weight gain. Meanwhile, Lee stood in the centre, hands in his pockets, appearing remarkably fit at the age of 70.