Former husband of Stanley Ho’s son’s ex-girlfriend Kim Lim sentenced to over 2 years in jail, appears harmonious at wealthy father’s birthday celebration

Kim Lim and her ex-husband, Kho Bin Kai, were seen celebrating the birthday of her wealthy father, Peter Lim, in a harmonious manner. and Kho Bin Kai is on the right in the photo. Insert picture (left): Peter Lim and Kim Lim.

26th May 2023 – (Singapore) Kim Lim, the daughter of Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim, was recently seen at the Singapore State Courts accompanying her ex-husband, Kho Bin Kai, who surrendered himself to authorities after being sentenced to two years and ten months in jail time and a SGD$40,000 fine for illegal gambling and other major offences under the Remote Gambling Act. The couple had lunch with friends at the cafeteria before Kho surrendered himself.

Kim Lim and Kho Bin Kai got divorced in 2020 after three years of marriage. Although they decided to live their lives differently, they remained good friends and still love each other like family. According to an unnamed source, Kim Lim’s appearance in court was a show of support and encouragement for Kho, whom she still considers part of her family. They also work together to provide the best co-parenting for their child, Kyden.

The source added that Kim Lim cut her work trip short to come back and spend time with Kyden and Kho before he went to jail. She is also trying to finish as much work as possible so she can take over as the disciplinarian. Despite the divorce, Kim Lim and Kho have remained close and continue to be on good terms.

Kim Lim is known for her lavish lifestyle, frequently sharing photos of her travels and expensive purchases on social media. However, the recent photo she shared of a private jet cabin with the caption “Healing” suggests that she may be feeling the effects of her ex-husband’s imprisonment andis trying to cope with the situation. This post also hints that she has not forgotten her past relationship and is still affected by the memories of her former partner.

Kim Lim’s ex-husband’s imprisonment has brought back memories of their past relationship and the time they spent together. The couple’s divorce was said to be a mutual decision, as they wanted to live their lives differently. However, they remained close friends and continued to co-parent their child, Kyden.

Kim Lim’s father, Peter Lim, is a well-known businessman in Singapore and has a net worth of US$2.5 billion, according to Forbes’ 2020 Singapore Rich List. Kim Lim herself is no stranger to the limelight, having made headlines in the past for her extravagant lifestyle and high-profile relationships.

In 2015, it was reported that Kim Lim was dating Stanley Ho’s son, Mario Ho. However, the couple eventually broke up, with Kim Lim moving on to other relationships.

In 2017, Kim Lim married Kho Bin Kai, with whom she had a child. However, their marriage lasted only a year before they got divorced. Kim Lim then got engaged to Leslie, whom she had been dating for a few months. At the time, she shared photos of her five-carat diamond engagement ring and the estimated $2 million worth of gifts she received from Leslie.

However, things did not go as planned, andKim Lim and Leslie’s engagement was short-lived. Just two months after their wedding, they separated, leaving many wondering what went wrong. Meanwhile, Kho Bin Kai’s illegal gambling activities caught up with him, leading to his recent imprisonment.

Kim Lim works as a model in South Korea.