Former husband of HK singer Faye Wong voices public endorsement for her and boyfriend Nicholas Tse


    19th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Singer Faye Wong and her boyfriend Nicholas Tse were recently seen holding hands at Beijing airport, causing a stir in the entertainment industry. However, the following day, Wong’s ex-husband, Li Yapeng, shared a sweet photo on social media of him holding hands with his wife, Haiha Jinxi, leading the public to interpret it as a dig at his ex-wife. Wong and Tse was later spotted again at Hong Kong airport after being seen together in Beijing.

    In fact, Li Yapeng has been paying close attention to his ex-wife’s love life. After Wong and Tse were seen holding hands, netizens initiated a poll on the two. Some netizens discovered that Li Yapeng had been paying attention and even publicly expressed his support, indicating a high level of interest in the couple.

    Li Yapeng, shared a photograph of his new family of three on social media last Sunday. This came after photos of his ex-wife Faye Wong went viral on the Chinese internet. Li posted a picture of himself, his wife Haiha Jinxi, and their one-year-old daughter, Li Xia, on Weibo. This is the first time Li has publicly disclosed his daughter’s name.

    Faye Wong, began dating Mainland television actor Li Yapeng in 2004 in Beijing, and the couple got married in July 2005. Around the time of her wedding, Wong’s manager confirmed that she might take an indefinite break from the entertainment business. In January 2011, Wong made an appearance with her husband on a talk show, where she stated that the past 5 years of her married life had been “very steady, very satisfying”. However, on 13 September 2013, Wong and Li announced that they had divorced.

    In 2014, rumours began to circulate that Wong was back together with Nicholas Tse, a Hong Kong actor and singer, with whom she had previously had a high-profile relationship in 2000. The duo was photographed in Wong’s apartment in Beijing in September 2014, where they were seen doing housework, watching television and kissing.

    Li Yapeng, shared a photograph of his new family of three