Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy endorses Donald Trump for President

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy

9th December 2023 – (Washington) Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has announced his endorsement of Donald Trump for the presidency. McCarthy, who recently revealed his intention to resign from Congress before the year’s end, expressed his belief that Trump would emerge victorious in the upcoming election. In a prerecorded interview with CBS News’ Robert Costa, McCarthy stated, “I will support President Trump,” when asked if his remarks constituted an endorsement of the former president.

This endorsement marks a significant shift in McCarthy’s stance towards Trump. Despite their tumultuous relationship, which included McCarthy holding Trump accountable for the 6th January Capitol riot, the former House Speaker has now aligned himself with the former president. McCarthy’s support for Trump comes at a time when other Republicans on Capitol Hill are preparing for the possibility of another Trump presidency, as the former president continues to dominate the GOP primary race.

Notably, McCarthy also expressed his willingness to serve in a Trump cabinet, provided he is deemed the most suitable candidate for the position. He highlighted their past collaboration on various policies and their joint efforts to secure a Republican majority.

In response to speculation about potential appointments in a second Trump administration, the Trump campaign issued a statement cautioning allies against public discussions regarding administration jobs. The campaign emphasized that such speculation could be detrimental to both President Trump and those involved, labelling it an “unwelcomed distraction.”