Former Hong Kong beauty queen Grace Chan showcases astonishing arm strength and fitness skills,

    Grace Chan

    12th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Former Hong Kong beauty pageant champion Grace Chan, 32, who married TVB actor Kevin Cheng in 2018 and now has three children, is enjoying a blissful and fulfilling family life. Since transitioning into a KOL (Key Opinion Leader), Chan’s popularity has skyrocketed, often sharing glamorous and sexy photos on Instagram. Known for her slender figure, she weighed only 88 pounds during her beauty pageant days, causing concern among netizens due to her extreme thinness. However, despite her delicate appearance, Chan has revealed astonishing physical strength and endurance.

    Recently, Chan uploaded a video clip on her Instagram story, showcasing her indoor rock climbing skills. Despite her slender limbs, she displayed remarkable arm strength and agility, effortlessly scaling a wall approximately 4 meters high. In fact, Chan has always maintained an active lifestyle and frequently engages in hiking. In previous posts, she proudly displayed her muscles and toned physique while hiking. Additionally, taking care of her three children requires considerable physical stamina, as evident in casual photos where she effortlessly carries her little ones—a testament to her regular exercise routine.